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Shinjuku Incident 0

Shinjuku Incident

One look at the DVD cover and I think ahhh yerr, here we go. Jackie Chan and look he seems angry he’s got busies and cuts on his face, I turn the DVD over...

Where The Wild Things Are 0

Where The Wild Things Are

Probably not since “The Dark Knight” has a movie had such an intense air of anticipation. I think most adults have been wondering exactly how anyone could transfer a highly loved Kid’s book such...

It Might Get Loud 0

It Might Get Loud

So the basic premise of this uber cool documentary is what will happen when you take three world class and quite different guitarists and lock them together in a big old warehouse. In fact...

Bandslam 0


At first glance Bandslam looks like the typical shallow teen dramedy, with aspirations of High School Musicallity. I guess with that in mind I was kind of ready to dismiss it from the get...

Survivors – The Complete Collection 0

Survivors – The Complete Collection

Terry Nation’s BBC drama series Survivors, was one of the most popular TV shows of the 70s. Set in a plague ravaged, post-apocalyptic world a handful of survivors band together to try and cope...

Video: Hollywood vs. New York 0

Video: Hollywood vs. New York

Goodie Bag has created a fantastic video called “Hollywood vs. New York”, featuring four decades of celluloid New York annihilation distilled into one musical montage.

Beautiful Losers 0

Beautiful Losers

The tag line for Beautiful Losers is “Make Something From Nothing…” but I’m not comfortable with that assessment of the brilliant documentary it’s trying to make you want to watch. Sure it’s catchy, and...

Black Gold 0

Black Gold

I had heard about this film for quite a while before I managed to get my hands on a copy of it. Working within the coffee industry I was curious to see what all...