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jOBSThe Steve Jobs legacy is still warm. The Apple Company is the richest on the planet and Hollywood couldn’t keep away from the story of the technology buccaneer. The Steve Jobs life is known for the tsunami like waves he rode as well as the ups and downs he created in the lives he touched. 

Of course the key to the beginning of this rags to riches story is actually Steve Wozniak played in this movie by Josh Gad. One of the humanising aspects of the movie is the connection between Jobs and Wozniak through both the good and bad. When you start to see the genius of Wozniak combined with the entrepreneurship of Jobs who could dream of what ‘could be’ you realise the potency of this odd chemical recipe. 

Sadly Wozniak has come out very critically on the accuracy of the movie script written by newcomer Matt Whitely. That’s not a reflection on Wozniak after all he was there. Where it’s a problem is it continues to beg the question, when is a biographical movie just that and not sculpted and adjusted like a photo-shopped model.

Starting back at the launch of the iPod, the jOBS movie walks us through the tumultuous years of Apple from its inception in the Jobs garage. One of the key points in the Apple story was the appointment of John Sculley the Pepsi marketing genius that assumed the role of Apple CEO only to unseat Jobs from his founder role. Matthew Modine assumes an uncanny likeness to Sculley for the role but makes the character come across as a wuss in the hands of Apple Chairman Arthur Rock played by J. K. Simmons. Dermot Mulroney provides continuity as the earlier venture capitalist Mike Markkula who lifted the apple dream out of Steve Job’s parent’s garage.

Ashton Kutcher went all out to play the role of Steve Jobs even assuming a Steve Jobs like fruitarian diet in order to drop more than a few kilos. That part of the exercise landed him in hospital for a time but it pales into the background as Kutcher assumed the walk and the talk of Steve Jobs. While the movie has its critics I feel Kutcher did more than I could have expected to embody the Steve Jobs manic brilliance. Simply enjoy the lanky walks through the office and you will be convinced Steve Jobs is back in town. 

Next up is an Aaron Sorkin written movie on the Apple founder that is yet to get a release date from Sony Pictures. This movie is based more around Walter Isaacson’s authorised biography so we will have to see if this fills in the gaps and correct’s the timelines that Steve Wozniak has expressed his concerns over.

For now jOBS gets a 3.5 out of 5 for taking us into the psyche of the creative Steve Jobs legend.

Rating: M Offensive language and drug references.


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    Great post – agreeing completely. Plus: Nice review site. Thank you for introducing it to me :))

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